In application of European Union Regulations, projects aimed at the members of the Cooperative have been implemented and are underway, aimed at improving the quality of the oil and supporting low environmental impact olive growing; in particular, on operational lines dictated by the EU, the following actions are underway:
Improvements in the environmental impact of olive growing
– Collective maintenance operations of olive groves with high environmental value or at risk of abandonment with related technical assistance
– Development of good agricultural practices for olive growing, based on environmental criteria adapted to local conditions, as well as their dissemination among olive growers and monitoring of their practical application
– Practical demonstration of alternative techniques to the use of chemical products to combat the olive tree fly
Improving the quality of olive oil production
– Improvement of cultivation conditions, in particular with the fight against the olive fly, harvesting, delivery and storage of olives before processing and related technical assistance
– Technical assistance to the olive processing industry regarding aspects relating to product quality
– Training of tasters for the sensorial analysis of virgin olive oil