Toscani Associati

The Olivicoltori Toscani Associati is a co-operative of olive growers from all over Tuscany, who share the fruit of their knowledge in order to give life to a product profoundly attached to the Tuscan’s oil: the Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP.

The olives are worked in the historical Frantoio di Cerbaia on the Florentine hills above Scandicci, where qualified technicians control the phases of production in order to guarantee the highest quality of oil.

The oil undergoes chemical and organolettica analyses. It is then packaged in different ways, depending on the results of the analyses and of the characteristics of the process under which it is produced.

Our products:

Toscano I.G.P.


Toscano I.G.P. Bio

Natio I.G.P. Firenze

Mignolato Bag 5l

Mignolato Dama 5l

Mignolato Latta 5l

Sandro Botticelli - The Agony in the Garden c1500 - (MeisterDrucke-114370)

Olive culture:

Mythology: in ancient times the olive tree was the most beloved and venerated plant, and the one who was found to fall one was condemned to death. Why this plant was so venerated is explained by Greek mythology.

Zeus decided that the Earth would be granted to either Athena und Poseidon, according to who was able to offer the most useful gift for humanity.
Poseidon threw his trident against a rock and made seawater pour out. Athena struck the ground and ordered the earth to produce a new and wonderful tree; and so the olive tree was born. Olympus’s assembly decided that this was the most useful miracle and declared Athena the winner.

Literary sources tell about great celebration in Athena’s honour, where the winners of the various competitions received amphorae full of the precious oil from the goddess’s olive groves.