Indicazione Geografica Protetta (Protected Geographical Indication) means that the origin of the product is controlled and guaranteed. The Eu has introduced it through the community regulation 2081/92.
The Extra Virgin Olive oil of Tuscany I.G.P. is made according a set of rules, which provides for all stages of production to be made within Tuscany.

Certiagro is the certification organ, authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture.

This kind of certification guarantees the quality of the product and in particular that:
- The olives are produced in Tuscany from olive groves listed in a special register;
- The picking is made by hand, directly from the tree;
- The pressing is made in Tuscany, by authorised oil mills;
- The bottling is made in Tuscany;
- The oil has undergone some chemical and organoleptic analyses, which guarantee the quality and the typicality of the product.