Many linguistic expression concerning the olive tree and the olive oil production have been created.
Many proverbs reveal the importance that the olive oil production has always had, from ancient times.

Many of them refer to ways of working the field, like:
“The one who ploughs the olive tree asks for its fruits,
the one who manure it persuades it to give some,
the one who prunes it obliges it to give some.”

(Columella, Res Rustica, V,9-15)

Others refer to seasonal predictions and calendar advice, like:
“The olive harvested with a stick gives a bad taste to the oil to bring to the market.”

L’oliva ch’è cugghiuta cu la mazza, ogghiu di mal sapuri porta ‘n chiazza” (Sicilia)
“The olive harvested with a stick brings bad tasting oil to the market place”.

Others refer to culinary advice, like:
“L’insalata vuole il sale da un sapiente, l’aceto da un avaro, l’olio da un prodigo, vuol essere mescolata da un matto e mangiata da un affamato”.
“Salad needs salt given by a wise man, vinegar from a mean one, oil from a lavish one, then to be mixed by a lunatic and eaten by a hungry one”.
“A good salad has to be well salted, with a little vinegar and a lot of oil.”